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03 Victory V92C with 100" big bore, S&S .495 cams, Zoomie Exhaust, Third Gear Customs Intake, PCV, ECM reflashed by Rob's Dyno Service.  Full details below.

Added a lot of text boxes to highlight tons of data points.
Few notable facts:

*Over 100 ftlb of tq from 2700-6200 rpms.
*Over 100 hp from 4700-7500 rpms
*Makes more tq at 7250 than it does at 2250
*Makes more hp at 7250 than it does at 5000 rpms

Well hellz bellz, finally got a little time to do the budget build i have been talking about for a while now.

Like some of you I scour the internet looking for good deals. If the price is right; jump on that thing even if reason why is not know yet.

About a year ago I had enough good deals to build something fast and cool without breaking the bank.

The bike was my son's salvage title 03 v92 ($1200). That is filled with good deals, preowned NIB 3rd gear intake, ebay Rust-Oomies (Zoomies), V92SC wheels, biltwell tracker bars. Maybe $2300 in total.

Then I added the 100" judges off Ebay for $80, and when the dude shipped them two fins broke off. So the guy refunded my money. With the $80 savings did a little redneck repair.

Ebay S&S .495 cams that I got for $175 a few years ago.

New S&S Valve springs $115

New 100" (106) pistons rings and pins for $180

New Gaskets for $110

ECM Rev Extended

Repurposed PC3 from my 07 Hammer S

Little bowl work to the heads (free cause I did it)

Well it is so very cool to have the money to pour into our bikes. For some whether by choice or limited funds have to make those hard financial calls.

Here is to us!

04 V92TC Stage I.jpg

2004 Victory V92TC with Stage ! kit (vented cover, stage I mufflers and Vic download). 

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