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June 2020: Update, I retired for the Army on 5 June of 2018 and started a job as a consultant for the Army on the 6th of June 2018.  Since then the family and I moved to East Texas in Jul 2019.  Still working as a consultant until May of 2021 or so.  Then it will be time to focus on living life after 34 years of military service and support.  Plan on turning a few wrenches on Vics as well, more out of enjoyment then a hard need for income.  Figure tune a some bikes and build a few hot rods a year. 

March 2018: The Kustom Shoppe has opened in a temporary location while construction continues on their new facility.  So Hammered Steel Performance is supporting Bernie and Melinda with the Dyno trailer in Hugesville, MD.

March 2018: 

Well not too bad for first time to the track on a motorcycle (many times in a car). If I was better launching it with some 1.70s 60' would net 11.80s. 1060lbs XC bagger with me on it. Going to give one more shot at 11s.

Drag calculator says 12.03 a 1060 lbs is 120.4 hp, she was 121.5 on my Dyno. Officially Calibrated (sorta lol)

DEC 2017:  New roof and some paint on HSP and the Kustom Shoppe's Dyno Shack. Bernie and his team is getting after the whole rehabbing of their new locations.  Time is tight but they are shooting for i Jan 2018 opening.  With Grand Re-opening in March / April.

Nov 2017:  Remodeling on the "Dyno Shack" continues. The building was built in the late 1950s or early 60s as a BBQ Stand. In the 80s the BBQ Shack closed down and the associated bar.  The bar is now the new location for the Kuston Shoppe. 

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