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     HSP employs a DYNOmite Dynamometer by Land and Sea. Dynomite has the largest line of dynamometer of any manufacturer. They make dynos for MC, cars, snow machines, boats, jet skis, and tractors. They are the official Dyno for Formula SAE racing series and used by many NASCAR and NHRA Teams

      As a 30 year  Active duty Army Veteran that has spent over six years deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, I may of learned a thing or two about dedication and personal sacrifice.  At HSP we are dedicated to you the Victory Hot Rod enthusiast and do not believe that you should not have to sacrifice your passion for performance.      

Hammered Steel Performance (HSP)   in collaboration with The Kustom Shoppe, is a veteran owned and operated small business born out of the desire build great running high power motorcycles.​

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